December 17, 2021

Many pet owners know the best feeling in the world is seeing the look of pure joy on your fur baby’s face when you come home after a long day. It’s a moment of happiness we wish to see forever, but often gets cut short when we get distracted by the hustle of long to-do lists and errands. While you're worrying about checking tasks off, your pet may be giving you signs that their health needs some attention. Don’t fret, there are several simple changes you can explore to increase your pet’s overall health.

One thing to consider is their nutrition, which is key for a happy and healthy fur baby. A commonly suggested way that you can change things up is by switching to a raw diet. However, this can be hard to commit to unless you’re a stay at home pet parent. Our doctors would recommend making sure your pet has a well formulated diet. We have a number of foods that are nutrient dense and are highly preferred over store bought brands. Another way to ensure your pet is still getting the necessary nutrients is through vitamin supplements into mealtime. Supplements are not necessary for a healthy fur baby, but they can help add in essential vitamins and minerals that may not be in processed kibble. Veterinarians may also prescribe certain vitamins to pregnant or senior pets to improve their physical health as well, as these pets can develop issues like sore joints.

Another thing to think about is the amount of exercise they are getting. Pets can also be at risk for joint problems if they’re not exercising regularly, and that looks different for dogs and cats. For dogs, at least 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise such as going on a walk can improve their physical health. An extra 15 minutes of play time can also drastically increase your dog’s mental health. For cats, Dr. Brooke recommends getting a cat tower or scratch post to encourage exercise. Switching out cat toys can also ensure your feline friend is staying engaged during playtime.

Lastly, ensure your pet is receiving regular oral care. Our own Dr. Doug recommends that both dog and cat owners brush their pet’s teeth once a day to prevent any gum disease or particle build-up. If your fur baby is too fussy, you can also give them dental treats to help remove buildup and freshen breath.

Remember that if you’re ever unsure about what you can do for your fur baby’s well being, you can always contact us for more information. We hope you’re able to find something that can help your fur baby be their happiest and healthiest self!