December 17, 2021

How do you help your new pup adjust to their new home? It’s a common and valid worry that most new pet owners have. Here are some helpful and easy tips for anyone bringing a new furry friend into their home:

1. Make the introduction fun

Be prepared to introduce your furry friend to their new home with a fun toy! Give your pup a colorful toy when they enter the house and have them walk around with it. Let them guide you around the house at their own pace, sniffing around to their desire.

2. Check the house for pet hazards

Make sure look around the house as if you were your new pup. What things do you see that may be hazardous to them?

Look out for:

Possible poisons

Choking hazards

Electrical or heat sources

Escape routes

Falling objects

3. Be weary of changing climates

Your pup may not be used to winter weather. At the first site of icy conditions, make sure to guide them through it and watch them fall in love with their first winter!

4. Keep a consistent schedule

The first few days and even weeks can be a hard time for your new pup. Ensure that you are consistently feeding and walking them at the same time each day.

5. Introduce the puppy to your neighbors

Not only will your neighbors love getting to pet a new furry friend, but it is important for your dog to feel comfortable around the neighborhood and to know who to trust. Make sure if you do this that your pet is fully vaccinated! Puppies who have not received all of their vaccinations are at risk for contracting potentially life-threatening diseases.

6. Set up their toys and all items in the home before they move in

It is important that your new pup knows the lay of the land. Make sure their food and water bowls are in an appropriate spot, so they know where it is. Make sure they understand where things are supposed to be before they get settled.

7. Shower your pet with love

Lastly, it is most important for your new best friend to feel as loved as possible. This is a confusing time for them and you want to make sure your new fur baby knows just how much they mean to you.