We've rounded up some of our favorite costume ideas to dress-up your pet this Halloween! Remember to make sure that the costume does not obstruct your pet from eating, drinking, using the restroom, and moving freely. If your pet is not enjoying celebrating with dress-up, it's probably best to skip the costume.

1. Pets dressed up like food are always a great idea in our eyes. Especially if your pet's coat is food colored.

2. Is your pup almost too cute to be real? Just add a tag to your little fluffs' collar and they can pass for a stuffed animal.

3. This DIY headpiece is perfect for your spoiled pet who thinks they're "the center of the universe".

4. This simple and creative tail costume made us laugh out loud.

5. There's not much cuter than matching pets and kids. We love this one!

6. Oh, deer! Dogs disguised as other animals make us giggle. Just be sure to use non-toxic, pet friendly paints.

7. Coordinating costumes with your pet is a win in our book! This Snow White and Evil Queen duo is just too good!

Be safe and send us your pictures of those furry family members dressed up this Halloween!