Getting a dog is a BIG decision! It can be both super exciting and nerve-wracking. One of the first steps in getting a dog is deciding which breed is right for you! There are many factors to consider when choosing a dog breed. Some of these factors include temperament, living space, cost, and activity level.


Each dog breed has a general temperament. Some breeds are more even-tempered and friendly, while other breeds are more prone to be territorial. If you are looking for a family friendly pet, a more easygoing breed is probably the right choice. If you are looking for more of a guard dog, a more protective dog may be suitable.

The American Temperament Test Society statistics is a helpful resource to learn more about certain breed’s temperament.

Living Space:

Different dogs have different needs, especially in terms of space. Small dogs work best for owners who live in apartments or smaller homes. Apartments and small homes without enclosed yards don’t work as well for big dogs who typically need more room to play and exercise.

Some dog breeds that do well in small homes or apartments: Bichon Frises, Miniature Poodles, Pugs, Beagles

Some dog breeds that do well in homes with large yards: German Shepherds, Boxers, Golden Retrievers


Some dogs are more high maintenance and costly. When choosing which breed is right for you, it is important to consider potential costs based on type of dog such as food expenses, health expenses, and grooming needs. For example, larger dogs tend to require more food; some breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions, which might cost more money; and some breeds require grooming.

Activity Level:

Some dog breeds are extremely high energy and require a lot of exercise. Others are

low-energy and spend more of their time sitting down and napping. Most dogs need at least some exercise to stay healthy, but the required activity level varies greatly depending on breed.

Some high-energy breeds that need a lot of exercise are: Siberian Huskies, Border Collie And Great Pyrenees

Some low-energy, more sedentary breeds are: Pugs, Chihuahuas, Chow Chows and English Bulldogs

While temperament, living space, cost, and activity level are all important factors to consider, if you are unsure of which dog breed might be right for you, consult your vet and they should be able to help you!

Regardless of what breed you currently own or are thinking of purchasing, one thing will stay the same across the board: the way we care for your fur baby. At Animal Hospital of Mebane, we treat your pets - big or small - like family. We hope to meet your current pups or newest additions soon!